If it is development, trial manufacture, production, the sale of various magnetic heads, leave it to me in Techreco.


Company history

April, 1960 Former President Masatoshi Horiguchi founded Miwa Machinery Co. in Otaku,
Tokyo and started manufacturing and selling various magnetic heads.
May ,1967 Compny Headquarter was built in Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa-prefecture.
April ,1969 Miwa Electric Machinery was dissolved for expansion and reorganization, and Techreco
Co., Ltd. was newly established. (Capital 40 million yen)
December, 1973 Akita factory was build in Omagari-shi, Akita.
April, 1979 Techreco Electric (Taiwan) Co., Ltd. was established in Taiwan as the company's
first overseas production base.
March, 1982 Capital was increased by 20 million yen
(Capital became 60 million yen.)
August, 1987 An overseas subsidiary was founded in Singapore.
April, 1988 Hong Kong Techreco Limited was founded in Hong Kong to be an overseas sales base
and to support manufacturing activities in China.
September, 1990 The first China factory, Shenzhen Huaxin Electronics, was established in Guangdong
Shenzhen area.
March, 1992 Shenzhen factory became the main production site by obtaining production equipment
from Taiwan factory. Taiwanese operation was converted to sales organization.
October, 1992 Capital was increased by 38 million yen
(Capital became 98 million yen.)
November, 1994 Second factory in China was established in Beijing aiming for developing Chinese market.
It started production of magnetic heads for industrial applications.
December, 1997 Acquired Chinese magnetic head division from Namiki Precision Jewelry.
September, 1998 Acquired magnetic head division at Yuzawa factory from Namiki Precision Jewelry.
March, 2001 Shenzhen Techreco Factory obtained ISO 9001:2000
July, 2001 Acquired the magnetic head section of Sankyo Seiki Mfg. Co., Ltd.
November, 2002 Beijing factory obtained ISO 9001:2000
December, 2003 Beijing factory obtained ISO14001:1996
January, 2004 Shenzhen Techreco Factory obtained ISO14001:1996
February, 2004 Head office obtained ISO14001:1996
January, 2009 Akita factory obtained ISO14001:2004
December, 2009 Inner Mongolian factory was established. (Taiji Electronics)
May, 2011 Beijing factory (Beijing Tech) was moved to current location, Shangzhuang, Haidian.
April, 2012 Hideki Horiguchi was assigned to President and Takashi Horiguchi to Managing Director.
May, 2013 Tailong factory was established in Qinhuangdao city, Hebei Province, China
May, 2013 A head factory was established in Cebu island of the Philippines in collaboration with
Philippine Makoto company.
April, 2017 Takashi Horiguchi was assigned to President and Hideki Horiguchi to Chairman
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