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Magnetic Stripe Card Reader

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Magnetic Stripe Card Reader Unit – TMR series

Magnetic Stripe Card Reader Unit – TMR series
Magnetic recording technology, manufacturing technology and precision assembling technology which have been cultivated over many years were integrated to create Magnetic Card Reader Unit for provision.  
・High reading accuracy
・High reliability
・Corresponds to all ISO and JIS II standards
<<Security Measures>>
・Anti-tamper function
・FPC protection function
・Embedded encryption IC
[Introduction Examples]
・Banking terminals, POS terminals, Security terminals, Entrance/leaving terminals, Parking lot management terminals and other wide range of applications
Please contact us for any questions or consultations about introduction and application of the product.
[Major Specification]
・Card standards: JISX6301, JISX6302, ISO7810, ISO7811
・Recording method: F2F
・Source voltage: DC3.0V~5.5V
・Card operating speed:  11 to 140cm/sec
・Outer dimension:  W55mm×D15mm×H24mm
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