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Environmental Policy


In the modern society one of the most important management tasks when enterprises conduct their activities is the preservation and improvement of the global environment.

To fulfill our social responsibility, we recognize and deeply understand the importance of the global environmental protection through the import/export and sales activities related to electronic components.  At the same time, we constructively engage in activities to preserve and improve environment and strive to realize the following specific provisions.


  1. In compliance with the international standard ISO14001, we will strive to continually improve the environmental management system, prevent environmental contamination and implement resource conservation in our business activities. ​                                                                 Particularly, the depletion of resources used for manufacturing our core product, magnetic head, is positioned as the most significant task, and we seriously pursue reduction of related raw materials.
  2. We will observe all the environmental laws, regulations, agreements with customers and other agreements with regional communities.
  3. For the global environmental protection,We establish environmental improvement objectives and goals, and act toward achieving them.  Also, we will review the objectives and goals as and when necessary.
  4. This policy is stipulated and brought to the common, thorough knowledge of all the employees and the people involved.
  5. The policy is disclosed to outside public as well.

*ISO14001 is applicable to Techreco Akita Factory

April 1, 2018

Techreco Company Limited
Takashi Horiguchi, President & Representative Director


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