If it is development, trial manufacture, production, the sale of various magnetic heads, leave it to me in Techreco.

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Notice of Office Relocation
Dear Customer:
We would like to inform you that as of May 1, 2021, our head office will move to the following location.
New address: 
Techreco Company, Limited    
5F, Resona Kawasaki Building, 2-5-11 Isago, Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki-shi,  Kanagawa, 210-0006 Japan
New Phone Number: 044-330-6797
New Fax Number: 044-330-6796
The new head office will be more functional with better access to transportation. We will take this opportunity to further enhance our sales activities and customer service.
We look forward to your continued business.
Takashi Horiguchi
President and Representative Director
Techreco Company, Limited
Published New Corporate Identity

Techreco, a leading manufacturer of magnetic heads, is striving to develop business toward the whole world with the desire of “Japan’s trust and quality to the world”.

In proportion to its global business deployment and a promising future we have renewed our company logotype. Making the new logotype by a Latin font in the latest fashion into a flag-symbol, we will make the best endeavor to let Techreco brand penetrate the market in Japan and in the world too so that customers may use our products much more than before.

The new logotype constructs all in a lowercase letter, which expresses the business posture with soft pliability, although it is a development type of manufacturer.

The Techreco color used on a point is Sky Color (color of the sky or the heavens) which is a traditional color of Japan. It is a vivid blue color like a clear sky in clear weather, and there is another name for genuine sky color. It imagines concept of a company with refreshing and expanding nature.

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