If it is development, trial manufacture, production, the sale of various magnetic heads, leave it to me in Techreco.

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  01-Apr-2021 Notice of Office Relocation
  01-Jan-2018 Published New Corporate Identity

TECHRECO COMPANY LIMITED was established in 1960 as a manufacturer specializing in magnetic head for audio equipment. Since then to be a leading manufacturer of magnetic head for industrial use we have been consistently devoting our efforts to technology innovation and diversification of products.


Thankfully, we have established the highest level of products to comply with various demands and applications principally in financial industry including ATMs and card payment terminals.


Also by pursuing technological development and exploitation in relevant industrial field we have added extra values to magnetic head to line up magnetic card reader unit and decoding IC in recent years. On the other hand Hong Kong Techreco Limited, which is one of the pillars of our group of companies has started trading business in collaboration with overseas manufacturers for various electronic components including neodymium magnet.


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